Peace I leave with you ; my peace I give you”                                         John 14;27

Funerals and Memorials at Christ Church, Colbury

Everyone who has lived in the parish is entitled to a funeral service at Colbury Church even if they are not a churchgoer. Our ministerwill make the funeral as unique and special as the person who has died.
Alternately, we are very willing to hold a service at the crematorium and when it’s time to lay  ashes in the churchyard we  will be here for you.
Relatives should contact the Church office 02380 292132 or ask the Funeral Directors to do so.

The Church is unlocked throughout the day; its peace and quiet can help in times of loss if you need a prayer or just sit in the churchyard where a quiet time contemplating can also be helpful. Prayers for those who have recently died and their families are included in the Sunday Services for a few weeks. The church is always here for you.

We also hold a special service at the beginning of November, All Souls, which we hope by bringing people together who have suffered a loss whether recently or in previous years helps them come to terms with their bereavement.

The churchyard nearly closed a few years ago as it was almost full. Despite financial costs the Church Council wanted to make more land available within the Churchyard allowing more burial and ashes plots to be used for years to come. The Diocese  of Winchester has agreed to this and has licensed the re-use of the south section of the churchyard for burials but only under strict conditions that these limitations and parameters are adhered. It is imperative that the stone used for memorials, the design, finish and dimensions harmonizes with the setting.

Serving the Parish of Ashurst and Colbury in the New Forest

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