Christ Church Colbury and the surrounding graveyard were consecrated in March 1870.

In 1937 the Churchyard was extended to its current size, thanks to the generosity of the Barker-Mill estate.

NB_07a_ChurchThis is a 3 page pdf document of Colbury Churchyard – not to scale Colbury Churchyard layout
(The second and third pages give some more detail of some of those buried.)

In the pdfs which follow you may find the names of those buried in the churchyard up to 1983. They are listed in alphabetical order, as discovered by memorials. Some of the memorial stones are not distinguishable due to erosion and weathering, so this is not a complete listing of all the burials.

If you are not able to find details you are searching for (only burial names 1870 – 1983 are listed), then please contact the church administrator,  who may be able to help.

 Alphabetical Surname lists :

(Alexander to Cooper) Sheets 1 to 3

(Cooper to Harvey) Sheets 4 to 6

(Harwood to Philpot) Sheets 7 to 10

(Philpot to Young) Sheets 11 to 14

Serving the Parish of Ashurst and Colbury in the New Forest

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