Baptisms at Christ Church, Colbury

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.”                 St. Matthew 19

Jesus began his preaching and healing ministry by being baptised in the River Jordan. The vast majority of his followers over the two thousand years since then have begun their Christian lives with baptism. In the Anglican Church many people get baptised when they are babies. However, when people convert to Christianity as an adult they can receive adult baptism. It is a once-and -for -all sacrement- it cannot be redone or undone.

Baptism is also a new beginning. It marks the beginning of your membership of the Church. Baptism means  we are asked to grow up as a person in the light of Christ and become part of God’s Church Family.

Another name for baptism is christening- being made a Christian. The person receives the Holy Spirit into their lives by being anointed or given the sign of the cross on the forehead as a blessing.

Baptisms at Christ Church, Colbury are for children or adults who live in the village or have connections here. They usually take place either within the 10am Morning Praise service at the beginning of the month or as a private service about 12 noon.

This is a special  service of welcome by the Church family. Parents and godparents bring a child for baptism and seek the support and encouragement of members of the congregation. It is always a relaxed and happy event, at which all members of the family and friends are warmly welcomed.  All Baptism services contain promises about Christian belief and practice which parents and Godparents must make. It is most important that they are understood and they are made honestly.

it is the first step of an amazing journey with God, parents, godparents, family, friends and the church. A lifetime of disscovering more about love, faith and hope begins- a wonderful moment to celebrate.

Baptisms are all recorded in our special book in the church near the organ which is on view every day when the church is open.

We also have adjoining rooms with a fully equipped kitchen which can be hired afterwards to continue your celebrations and make it a day to remember.

Why might you bring your baby or child to baptism?

  • To thank God for his/her birth
  • To introduce him/her into the family of the church
  • To seek God’s blessing for the future
  • To make the right choices for themselves and others

If you are thinking about a Baptism please contact the administrator, Viv, at  the Church Office:

Tel:  02380 292132 or email

We look forward to meeting you.

Serving the Parish of Ashurst and Colbury in the New Forest

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