cropped-church-rms-and-church-sept-2015.jpgWelcome to the Parish Church of Christ Church, Colbury. It is  tucked away on the edge of Ashurst, enjoying an idyllic position in the New Forest National Park.

We are a community of friends and neighbours who gather to worship God and serve the village for the good of all. We host a variety of activities for people of different ages and situations in our church rooms through the week.

Morning Praise Services are held in Church every Sunday at 9.30am  except the first Sunday in each month which is Holy Communion.       All are invited to join in the informal coffee and tea time after the service in the Church Rooms.Church at Harvest09

Come and join us!

4 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. My husband David Turner passed away the end of June his parents have two graves in the church yard and we wondered if we would be able to scatter his ashes onto their graves we are not sure of the procedure of how we go about this.
    We live in the Reading area but he was brought up as a young boy in Totton Southampton, they then moved into the Reading area due to his father’s work commitments.His sister still lives in the Portsmouth area .
    If you could reply to my email address I would be grateful for your reply on our request
    With many thanks
    Lynda Turner


    1. Dear Mrs Turner
      Thank you for you enquiry. Officially, remains should be buried in the ground. They may be buried loose and not in a casket but they should be buried. You are welcome to organise an interment of his ashes into one of his parents’ graves.
      For more information please contact me direct vivburch@btinternet.com or phone on 02380 292132
      Many thanks
      Viv Burch
      parish administrator


    1. Dear Christina
      Unfortunately, it’s the clay that many of the graves and memorials are situated on. I can only suggest to contact a local stonemason who will be able to discuss this with you. Allstones and RGR Memorials are the most widely used. I hope this is of some help, if there is anything else i can help you with please contact me on 02380 292132 or office.colburychurch@gmail.com
      Kind regards
      Viv Burch
      Parish Adminisrator


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